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Sunday, January 22, 2006

make me the sweetest dress you can

Unbridled girliness and frivolity ahead. Not for the faint of heart.

I’m on a perilous quest for the perfect dress. My best friend S is getting married in Hawaii (A week in Hawaii with my Boy? I am so unbelievably excited.) and as her sole attendant and maid of honor, I need something special. Initially she chose red as the color for my dress and I was totally psyched, envisioning a fun, sexy, floaty red halter dress, perfect for a Hawaiian wedding. These are hard to find. Living in a small city with limited shopping options doesn’t help.

So I bought this dress. It was on sale, fit well, and the Boy liked it.

But I’ve decided to return it. It’s cute but too casual and definitely doesn’t look as good on me as it does on the model, as I have neither her height nor boobage.

Coveted this dress and was very tempted to buy it on ebay, despite the risks, until I read the description of it as knee-length, with a 26 inch skirt. Knee length, my ass. I’m obviously a midget, since that would come halfway down my calves.

But I also love it in green. I think this would be a super cute bridesmaid dress for my “theoretical” nuptials so the pic gets filed away into my girl porn folder.

And now I’ve come to my senses and agree with S, who suggested black as being both easier to find and a better fit with the wedding party and the flowers, which are red. A red dress and red flowers would look silly. So now I’m in search of the perfect sexy black halter dress.

Maybe something kind of like this, but shorter and of a dressier material. Don’t know if I’m crazy about all that ruching, either. If any of ya’ll have shopping suggestions, feel free to pass them along.

In other news, on Thursday I leave for Palm Springs. California, baby! Palm Springs has an average of 350 clear and sunny days a year. That’s nuts. I’ll be there for five days, ostensibly for a conference, but mostly to sit under palm trees and imbibe fruity beverages. Might rent a car with some of the guys who are going (There aren’t many other female students in my year and area, it’ll be me and half a dozen boys.) and drive up to Joshua Tree, which would be cool. While I’m gone, I’m hoping either or both August and the Boy will guest blog for me. Promises to be fun.

dressmaker, dressmaker,

i'm singing at the hall next saturday night and he'll be there
he's been gone for so long, i want him back again
make me the sweetest dress you can
-neko case

4 Old Comments:

Those dresses are fabulous. I agree that you can't wear red as it will be a bit much with hers, but the green and the black dress were fabulous. I *want* that green dress!

By Blogger NML, at 8:10 AM  

I know, isn't it adorable?

By Blogger felicity, at 3:25 PM  

Why not get the dress you want and have the skirt shortened? You should have time to have the alterations made.

By Blogger Autumn, at 5:57 AM  

I decided that buying a dress on ebay is too risky, there are a million ways it could not fit right and I wouldn't be able to return it, but that's a good idea, I could certainly get a made-for-tall ass-models dress and have it altered for my more average proportions!

By Blogger felicity, at 3:57 PM