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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

don't stop 'til you get enough

The chances of me having anything interesting and non-wedding related to say in the coming weeks are very, very small. We are just wedding preparation machines. I’m a bit of a housewife these days, since I no longer have school commitments. I’m not a big fan of all this unstructured time, it’s very easy to goof off and watch What Not to Wear and eat brownies instead of doing work.

Bought a very simple, inexpensive white gold band for me to wear when traveling post-wedding, as my wedding set will be a bit too blingy to be sensible to wear in far-off destinations. Finally ended up dropping off our wedding bands with our old jeweler who can hand engrave them for a very small fee. You wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to find someone willing to engave the pi symbol, much less for a decent price.

After a lot of planning and headscratching about the logistics of hanging paper lanterns at our reception, we finally ordered some. Have started acquirings little things here and there to go into guest gift bags. Bought a Polaroid camera and a scrapbook to use as a photo guestbook.

Wedding planner continues to be disappointing. We still have no musician for the ceremony.

Have started writing/planning our ceremony in earnest, need to meet with the Honorable Miss A to start getting things set.

In one of the more absurd episodes of the past year, we drove to a total of FOUR Walmarts, two here and two in the next city over, to get green napkins for the reception. Colored linens are apparently difficult to come by on St. Thomas and I really wanted some more color on the table, so we decided to bring our own and actually found the perfect ones at the Walmart down the street, but they didn’t have enough, hence the driving all over tarnation to get the rest. Weddings make you do the wacky, yo. Our quest came to an end Saturday night and Husband to Be threw my hand in the air and started singing “We are the Champions” right there in the Walmart aisle. Loudly.

Got a new computer, which is very exciting. An upgrade from the cheap, crappy, lumbering Compaq desktop that I bought my first year here was long overdue. The warning graphic on the bag cracked me up.

In perhaps the only case of racial profiling in my life I find acceptable, when we were at the farmer’s market on Saturday, as we walked by a guy selling meat, a genial cowboy sort, he sort of points at me and tells us that he’s got a bunch of Korean cut ribs. Serendipitous, because they weren’t listed on his sign and Korean cut ribs are rather hard to come by in a small city. We bought a few pounds, bought some galbi marinade and grilled them Sunday night. So incredibly yummy.

Saturday and Sunday both started out with some breakdowns on our part but after some venting and wigging out, we went on to have an incredibly productive weekend, while also treating ourselves to little things like a nice dinner and a cup full of happiness from Sonic. My Sonic love knows no bounds.

Man, I can't wait to have my sanity back after the wedding, as well as the valuable cerebral real estate currently being squatted on by all things nuptial-related. I know it'll all be worth it but I wouldn't wish wedding planning on my worst enemy.


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