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Saturday, July 28, 2007

time to move on, time to get going

what lies ahead I have no way of knowing

It's our last day here and I wish we could just take it easy but there are still lots of little things to take care of and then tonight we can let our hair down and relax with all our friends, as one of my dear friends is getting married.

Some quick, scattered last thoughts:

It's funny because when "Time to Move On" was chosen as my class song senior year of high school, I didn't much care for it (my vote was for "End of the World as We Know It"). But now it's the theme song playing in my head and it'll be on my playlist as we're driving away. There'll also be some Calexico when we hit the dustier parts of our trip and perhaps the entire Old 97s catalog. Lots of songs about California (I always knew there were a lot, but didn't realize how many until I saw this on Wikipedia.) Also, "Some New Town" by Slobberbone, one of my favorite songs, and this Dar Williams song that should tell you which fair state it is I'm leaving.

Scouting trip was good and we found a place to live, albeit not where we thought it would be. We did a few touristy things while we were there (Gaslamp District, Seaport Village) but mostly frantically hunted apartments.

Very cool: Sonic locator that lets me find Sonics on the way to Cali.
Very uncool: For more than five years I was without a local Sonic and then a matter of months ago they build one 20 minutes away, which is a bittersweet pleasure, because really, they couldn't have had one sooner? And now, literally, just as we're leaving, they're building a motherf*cking Sonic right here. Bastards.

We had a nice reception in the Husband's hometown and enjoyed spending some time with his parents, who I know are sad to see us go but also excited for us and they have been endlessly supportive and helpful. I will miss having them nearby.

Then some non-stop packing and on Thursday, due a to a snag in our plan of having a trailer dropped off in front of our place (stupid local police and their stupid rules), we had to load all our stuff into a Uhaul and drive 30 miles out and then load up the moving trailer that will be driven to California. A tiring day, but made a lot easier with the help of parents and friends. I have friends who have helped me move just about every single year for 6 years and for that
they deserve medals.

I'm tired, excited, and sad in different measures. We're ready to move on and I know it's very much time, but I have always had such a hard time cutting ties and leaving people behind. And it's not like leaving my hometown and knowing I'd see people every Christmas when I come back. Everyone else here will scatter as they move on and there's no reason for any of us to come back here.

In the midst of packing I found some old emails I'd printed out, emails I'd written my first few weeks here to friends telling them about how I was adjusting to the new city. I can't believe how quickly six years have flown by.

Last week after lunch with the officemates, we bumped into a grad student I hadn't seen in a long time. She was the very first person I met here since she picked me up at the airport when I came to visit, so it seemed to come full circle to see her again before leaving.

Although I joke that it's made me soft living here, there's a lot to be said for the safe, sheltered environment of a small Midwestern city. For all my misgivings about moving here and all the jokes I've had to hear, there are far worse places to live. Little traffic, little crime, friendly people, and a nice sense of community. I will miss those things, just as I will miss the really wonderful people who helped me survive grad school and made life here worth living.

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