the water got high and she never got dry

Monday, June 11, 2007

let's go crazy, let's get nuts

Still here, but just barely. Scatterbrained and tired. We leave on Thursday. Thursday! We're running around, calling the caterer, taking stuff over to the new place, buying more damn cardstock (if I never have to buy cardstock again, I'll be a happy woman), trying to arrange wedding transportation, cutting the Jesus saturated cards off the Jesus cookies, designing menus, tying gifts tags (Husband to Be does all the ribbon tying in this household. Really. He's just so much better at it.), and a million other silly, silly things. I cannot believe how frenetically busy we're going to be right up until the last second.

We simply cannot wait to leave all this behind. We are so ready to be married. But it doesn't feel real yet. Afer all these months of anticipation and planning and stress, with so much focus on the process and the journey that the real weight of the event itself hasn't touched down yet.

The other night I was wondering when the next quiet moment will be. As soon as we get back, we move temporarily and continue looking for jobs and preparing for the Big Move and July will be filled with parties and wedding receptions and weddings and saying goodbye and then we have one long drive to parts unknown and a new city and new home and new jobs. When will I have a moment to catch my breath? Part of me longs for that quiet moment but I'm doing my best to enjoy being a little out of breath for now.

We've had a few quiet moments to enjoy normal summer pleasures of arts festivals and the free Friday night concerts downtown, hanging out at the pool and getting tacos. Summers here are so idyllic, the town is at its best and for all that I rail about getting out of the Midwest, there are many great things about living here that will be sorely missed.

And there are some wedding planning moments I'll want to remember. Working together with Husband to Be to help make our wedding dreams reality has a good dose of sweetness to it amidst the insanity. The other night we worked on our ceremony and talked about what marriage means to us. And then went and got pie, because I was craving it. And Husband to Be is signing on for a lifetime of catering to my food cravings. For the past week or so, every time one of us has done something quirky or annoying, we've reminded each other that we have to put up with it "For the REST of your life!"

There are so many things about HtB that I look forward to putting up with for the rest of my life. Before my bachelorette party (which was a lot of fun, what I remember of it. Lots of martinis and champagne and dancing.) I went and got my hair done at a salon down the street. I sat down in the chair and watched the storm clouds gather outside and wished I had brought an umbrella with me, fearing the imminent ruin of my hair. Five minutes later, unbidden, HtB comes through the door with an umbrella in hand. This is why I'm marrying this man.

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