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Thursday, May 24, 2007

that's the way it crumbles, cookie-wise*

Husband to Be is out of town again, because he won a Geek Dream Vacation - going here (I'm slightly jealous that he may get to meet Seth Green and Kristen Bell) and also getting his head digitally scanned and then getting his very own action figure. I have a hunch he's going to have just a little bit of fun. I'm 99.99% happy for him with just a teeny bit of "sucks that I have to miss him again this close to the wedding when it seems like just yesterday he was gone for-bloody-ever and oh how inconvenient that he's gone this close to the wedding because my god we have so much to do and cripes we're leaving in exactly three weeks. "

Ahem. Anyway. So in one of the rare delightfully absurd moments of the whole wedding planning ordeal the other day, we experienced what can only be described as The Jesus Cookie Caper. We ordered these cookies to go in gift bags for our wedding guests and got them individually packaged and paid extra to have our names put on the card that bears the "Legend of the Sand Dollar", which isn't anywhere on the website but I presumed it was something heartwarming along the lines of a little boy who finds a sand dollar and it cures his mother's cancer or something like that. We get the cookies and find the legend to be this ridiculously rhyming bit about Jesus! All down the front of the cards glued to the package. Because we refuse to proselytize to our guests via baked goods, we're cutting off all of the card except for the very top which says "Thanks for sharing our wedding day."

And in case you're wondering what Jesus tastes like - good, albeit diabetes-inducingly sweet.

A friend of mine entertained himself today with coming up with other religiously named treats - Baptist burritos, Methodist mojitos and Messiah Mixers among them. I smell a theme dinner party in the making.

*If you're able to name the Billy Wilder movie that's from, you rock.

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