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Thursday, August 02, 2007

some new town

We’re here (we’re queer, we don’t want any more bears!). All in one piece, the cat behaved amazingly well, and our furniture gets here tomorrow. Not too shabby.

It was a long damn drive. Saw some beautiful parts of the country, ate at a Texas steakhouse in Nebraska, a Sonic in Colorado, at the Bellagio in Vegas (best buffet ever), and managed to survive the traffic getting in.

The apartment wasn’t exactly spotlessly clean when we got here, which was disheartening, but they sent someone over to clean today and once our furniture’s in place, it’ll feel a lot more like home. Our first dinner here was pizza eaten sitting on the floor and it was just a classic newlywed moment. Someday we’ll have a nicer and more permanent home, we just gotta work our way up. Things only gets bigger and better from here.

Saying goodbye to friends was hard. But my friend A’s wedding was simply the most perfect send-off we could have had. A perfect series finale where all the main characters come together for a night of celebration before going their separate ways. The day we left we had breakfast at our favorite little diner with our two best friends, who sent us off with hugs, a bottle of champagne, and two bags of Miss A’s unbeatable chocolate chip cookies, made with love and hugely enjoyed on the road.

We drove around today and I got excited about all the stores we now have access to (Trader Joe’s! Costco! Macy’s!) and had lunch at Schlotzsky’s, which made me very happy. I now have a San Diego county library card, because that is what big fat nerds/bookworms do to feel more at home in a new place.

Had dinner at a pretty good Thai place and then popped into a Big Lots across the street. Something about palm trees against a sunset sky makes even a Big Lots parking lot kind of a nice place to be.

I am pretty damn happy to be here.

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