the water got high and she never got dry

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

the sound of settling

I can’t believe we’ve already been here for a week. The days have flown by in a blur of unpacking, shopping, and more shopping. The constant purchasing of things, in the face of our current unemployment, is amusing in a painful way. But it’s the trade-off of all the minimizing of stuff we did before we moved.

The weather’s been gorgeous every single day and we’re still happy with our choice of neighborhood. We’ve gotten lost a couple of times, which was pretty stressful (we spent an hour and a half driving when we were trying to go to a Ren Fest in Balboa Park). And cooking in our tiny new kitchen will take some getting used to. But we’ve got bank accounts, new phone numbers, the Husband’s been getting calls from job recruiters, and we are slowly learning our way around.

Went to Crate and Barrel yesterday to get some of the plates we registered for (pretty pretty!). It was in Fashion Valley, which is a shopper’s paradise. If only I weren't broke.

I got super excited when looking at concert listings in the Reader. New Pornographers! Wilco! Tegan & Sara! White Stripes! How to choose among so many possibilities? Well, ticket prices, for one, which are insane! New Pornographer tix were well over 100 bucks, but then I found out I could get tickets for cheap at Ducat King. Score!

So life is good, although it will be exponentially better once I’m employed. Openings in publishing are scarce right now so I’m pretty sure I’ll suck it up and find a temp job. Let me tell you how thrilled I’ll be to put my Master’s to such good use doing data entry. Ugh.

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