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Monday, March 27, 2006

it seems the more we talk about it

With exactly two weeks until Hawaii, I’m beginning to think my mind is already on vacation, with my body still here on this rainy Monday. I’m already making lists of things to do, things to pack, places to eat and go when we're there, and getting more and more excited. While I'm enjoying the anticipation, because before I know it, the trip will be over and done, the anticipation of moving into the new place with the Boy just makes it a little harder to not be there yet.

The Boy and I keep saying how we can't wait, as we start looking at deck furniture and playfully bicker about how we're going to decorate, and I sigh about the continued back and forth of people and things between his place and mine, and won't it be great when there's just our place?

Recently got to meet Jorge Cham, creator of Piled Higher and Deeper. His talk was part of Grad Student Appreciation Week, which really just means free cookies. But getting to meet Jorge was cool. Due to some inside connections, friend A and I got to meet him for coffee before his talk and hang out with him for dinner and drinks afterwards. The talk itself was pretty amusing but even better was the feeling of solidarity, to be in a large room packed with other students who share in the same pain and ruefully laugh about shared indignities and frustrations.

Now, back to my Hawaii lists.

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*I* feel excited for you guys moving in together!

By Blogger NML, at 4:54 AM