the water got high and she never got dry

Friday, March 17, 2006

spring cleaning

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Kiss me, I'm not at all Irish?

Spring Break is drawing to a close and I’m spending the last bit of it doing exciting things like taxes and cleaning. Whee! But I don’t care that I didn’t go anywhere because in 24 days I’ll be in Paradise.

Had a massive lunch (I love buffets!) with the Boy, came home and put on the 3-disc Smokey Robinson and Miracles anthology I just bought (on vinyl, baby!), and cleaned and hauled out stuff to take to consignment stores. I have a teeny little front yard so I closed the gate and let the cat out to play and got distracted taking pictures of her and the view from my front step. I am in love with both my new camera and Photoshop.

Satuday we’re headed out of town for a baby birthday party and back into town for a housewarming and then Sunday will be devoted to apartment hunting and Hawaii guidebook perusing. Have a good weekend, ya’ll.

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