the water got high and she never got dry

Monday, May 22, 2006

let’s call her halcyon and hope that she holds

The weekend was just idyllic, and the Husband to Be and I have had a lot of good weekends. Friday’s grill out was great, with tons of people, tons of food, some bocce and an endearingly dorky, testosterone-fueled game of hacky sack, all amidst perfectly gorgeous weather. On Saturday Husband to Be and I dropped off my ring at the jeweler’s so he can get started on a wax mold of the new ring. So excited!

We staked out a nice spot by a lake and had a picnic and lounged in the sun and read and were just gloriously lazy, finally getting up to stroll around downtown and get ice cream and watch kids play in the fountain and then coming home to dinner and TV.

On Sunday morning Husband to Be made us French toast and then we went to the park around the corner and sat in the grass and ate strawberries and whipped cream and talked about kids and how ready we feel to be married. Saw Da Vinci Code with J, made dinner and watched Family Guy. The weekend was perfect from beginning to end, even including our incredible impatience to be together in our new place.

My body feels so much lighter and freer in the summer, having shed its shackles of sweaters and gloves and scarves and hats that still don’t quite keep out the bitter stinging cold. I walk with a spring in my step and really enjoy the walk to and from the psych building from my car. The wind in my hair and skirt, the sun on my back, the smell of lilac bushes, and happy music on my iPod make for a very pleasant commute.

Summer is so sweet.

just the smell on the summer can make me fall in love
-modest mouse

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