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Monday, May 15, 2006

wedding planning is a disease

I have now been officially sucked into the black hole that is The Knot, aka Bridal Porn Headquarters, although so help me God, I refuse to refer to myself as a "Knottie". They have a whole section of web pages devoted to destination weddings. It’s evil.

Been reading up on the Bahamas and contemplating the possibility of getting married on one of the big touristy islands (Grand Bahama or Paradise Island), for the convenience of our guests and then getting to be more adventurous and honeymooning on one or more of the Out Islands, perhaps Harbour Island and Eleuthera. Pretty pretty.

Still working on getting a new mounting for the e-ring (I'm already using frackin' Knottie shorthand.) At one of the little jewelry stores downtown, I fell in love with an oh so delicate and beautiful wedding band and all my previous ideas of what I wanted for the new e-ring went out the window and we decided to go to a local jewelry designer and have the ring made to match the band.

Every time I see the band, it just makes me want it to be the day Husband to Be puts it on my finger. I was really hoping to incorporate emeralds or tsavorites or some other green gem, but put the kibosh on that idea after the jewelry designer pointed out that because those stones are so soft, they’d have to be periodically replaced.

And on a related tangent, I marvel at the evil genius of the diamond industry in calling bands with diamonds all around them “eternity bands”. I guess you just can’t be with someone forever if you only have diamonds halfway around.

We were hoping a friend of Husband to Be’s, who is on his way to becoming an Anglican priest, could marry us, but since neither one of us is Anglican or Catholic, it can’t happen. Which brings up the possibility of asking Miss A, who half-jokingly offered herself up as a backup, to do the honors. She got ordained online and is marrying some friends of hers this summer. I’m kind of taken with the idea. It would mean a lot more to have her marry us than some random minister.

Ug. I think I just out-girlied myself. Who needs a beer and some televised sports?

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