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Thursday, April 27, 2006

aruba, jamaica, ooh i wanna take you

Between school, taking pix of spring loveliness (I like to stand under trees and take what I think of as upskirt shots, is that wrong?), lounging in the park, lots of drinking and dining with friends, champagne and dessert with M. and Miss A, looking at ring settings, and hitting Barnes and Noble repeatedly for the first of only many expeditions into the wedding section, it's been a busy week or so.

Grilling season has commenced and it's time to make sun tea and trade out cute snuggly flannel sheets on loan from the Boy for the swanky 800-thread count sheets I got from the parentals at Christmas. 800 threads, people. This is unheard of luxury for this girl.

I've decided there are too many islands in the Caribbean. It should be one uniform entity dammit, because how else are we going to choose where to get married? I've been poring over travel books, magazines, and webpages until my eyes started bleeding.

J wanted to buy me wedding planning books the minute I stepped off the plane and I told her that there will very likely come a day when she wants to hit me over the head with those books, so why don't we just enjoy me while I'm calm and sane? I was happy just to be engaged.

That indifference lasted about a week and now I'm slightly obsessed with us choosing one out of umpteen warm, beautiful, tropical destinations. I've been trying to rule out places with inconvenient hurricane seasons, ridiculous marriage license costs or waiting periods, and we want a place that's a happy medium, not too overdeveloped but not too rustic either. And I get really excited when I find venues like this. Pretty, pretty, pretty.

Worry that important people wouldn't be able to make it to some far off destination made us think about doing a stateside wedding but we both know that a destination wedding just suits us best. Getting married by the sea with just family and closest friends is exactly what we both want and one of a million ways in which we fit so well.

Cripes, one of these days I'll have something non-wedding related to talk about. The madness has begun.

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