the water got high and she never got dry

Friday, April 21, 2006

fill my heart with song, let me sing forever more

Catching up on work has kept me busy all week, but it's been a nice one. Warm, springy weather, with the city all green and white and pink and blooming have just added to the spring in my step and the simple pleasures of time with the Boy and friends and the torrent of congratulations received have all made it extra sweet to be back home.

It's only very occasionally that I miss the gorgeousness of Hawaii and the ocean in all its moods, whether placid green or impossibly blue or dark and stormy or illuminated by moonlight.

The Boy and I have the promise of champagne with friends M. and Miss A and J is throwing us an engagement party that promises to be a fantastic time.

The variety of ways in which people have been congratulating me has been amusing, from girly giddiness to "Welcome to the club" to a friend feeling a thoroughly masculine satisfaction that he "beat" us to getting engaged by a few days to A's habit of grabbing someone and shaking his congratulations into them.

Seeing tornado damage around town has been a bit sobering, though, with one of our favorite bars being a casualty and a few of my students having lost their homes.

The Boy and I get to hit jewelry stores this weekend, I told him J and I could go, to spare him boredom. The Boy gave me his grandmother's ring, which is very beautiful and I love the romance and history of having an heirloom (not to mention a lessening of diamond-related guilt), but we are planning on getting the diamonds reset, just to make it my own.

Lots of things to celebrate at happy hour tonight, with plenty of good news going around. J. and A. won fellowships, because they're super smart like that. The town survived the tornado and summer is almost upon us. Life is good.

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