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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

i say tomato, you say tomahto

As part of an ongoing campaign of needing distraction from grading, the other TA, the prof, and I have been emailing all kinds of silliness back and forth all day, including this:

Pop vs. Soda

Man, people will research anything. I grew up with the customary Southern "I'll have a Coke" "What kind?" so hearing "pop" up here took getting used to.

I have two distinct memories of the first time I went to the grocery store here - feeling like I'd landed in a 50s grocery store when I saw the aisle sign said "Pop" and panicking when I couldn't find where they kept tortillas. What kind of godforsaken state didn't have tortillas?? Luckily I found 'em.

The more important question is, do you say "kitty-corner" or "catty-corner"?

I thought this might also be a regional thing but Texan friend M insists on "kitty-corner" and Texan friend A and I are the only ones firmly behind "catty-corner". It's closer to the original catercorner, so there.

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