the water got high and she never got dry

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

chop wood and carry water

It is motherscratchin' cold out today. A warm cup of chai makes it barely tolerable. I'm holed up in my office listening to the Damnwells and sorting through heaps of class related paperwork. Only one more semester of teaching. Ever. I keep reminding myself of that.

It was a good weekend. We drove to the next city over and got some fairly decent BBQ and had a registerpalooza at Bed Bath and Beyond. Fun but exhausting. Someone totally monopolized the scanner. Bowling and pizza with friends, then home to make brownies and mulled wine and curl up on the couch listening to Ben Folds and Ray LaMontagne on Austin City Limits and enjoying the glow of Christmas lights. We holed up for most of Sunday because when tells me the "feels like" temperature outside is 6, I'm not going anywhere.

Wedding related nonsense - why is it so damn hard to find the perfect pair of wedding shoes? I haven't been able to decide on whether or not to get glorified flip flops or a peeptoe D'orsay pump, which I love the look of. I tried on some dyeable ones at David's Bridal because I love the idea of getting them in emerald green. But not too surprisingly, the shoes were flimsy as all get out, they felt like they were made out of cardboard. Both pairs of silver sandals I ordered were no-goes, I just bought a pair of cute green flip flops, hope those will be It.

Husband to Be and I are trying to figure out how and what we want to eat at the reception. Trying to balance what we would want most versus pleasing the masses is not easy. Family style or buffet would be more fun and informal but I've had a lot of mediocre buffet and family style wedding food. Plus, how do we incorporate tater tots into the meal? No chance of getting a funnel cake machine, is there?

Contemplating getting a DJ instead of hooking up our iPod. Shopping around for petals for the aisle and for tossing. Freeze dried or fresh? Color? Type? I continue to be bemused by the endless stream of minutiae that have to be dealt with.

Can't wait to go get our tree tonight!

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