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Thursday, November 09, 2006

how you can have any pudding if you don't eat your meat

Damn it feels good to be a Democrat. Boo and yah.

It is so gorgeous outside, unseasonably warm and sunny. I'm not sure how long I can stomach being stuck in my office.

Had a nice lunch with Husband to Be and his parents. Ethiopian food is yumm-o (Somwhere, Rachael Ray is cackling). What is it about bread in all its many forms that is so satisfying? Injera, naan, tortillas, a nice focaccia - I could eat them all forever.

And we're going out for sushi tonight. Cheers for sushi happy hours!

With only a few relapses, I've been pretty good about eating more healthfully. Part of that is certainly motivated by the wedding but more to the point, I can't eat like a teenager anymore. Eating more fruit and veggies, drinking more water, and exerting more portion control haven't been all that challenging. I had thought that drinking less soda and eating less fast food would feel like deprivation but most of the time is hasn't, and this is from someone who loves her some Cherry Coke, Dr. P, and big fat bacon cheeseburgers.

Whenever I really want something fatty/sugary/otherwise unhealthy, I have it. I just can't get behind strict diets, whether it be South Beach or the "eat two bowls of cereal a day" route. Life's too short too eat that restrictively forever and sure, I'd probably lose weight if I ate mostly cereal (no thanks) but then I'd gain it right back when I resumed eating normally.

But, it is definitely easier to eat light during the summer. Leafy green salads, sushi, raw veggies and pasta salad are all very appealing when it's hot. But as soon as it gets darker and chillier, most of the time I want warm, cheesy, heavy comfort food. And sometimes you just gotta break down and get some damn potato oles. Damn you Taco John and your wee beady eyes and that smug look on your face. "Ohh, you're going to buy my potato oles!" Bastard.

At least we go to the gym regularly. I think I'm just gonna have to kick my workout into higher gear during the winter. Next semester I'm dead set on taking a kickboxing class. Sport of the future, you know.

It's taken me a while to be less self-conscious at the gym. I realize that with the occasional exception, since it is a student gym, that most people are pretty focused on their own workouts and not judging me for my number of reps or the puny amount I lift. And if someone were to notice I was doing my tricep extensions wrong, wouldn't that be good to know? Still, I could do without the scantily clad dance class chicks who come in periodically to use the water fountain.

Damn, I am now jonesin' for an Almond Joy. Maybe I'll do 5 more minutes on the elliptical today.

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