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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

happy halloween

I've had Danse Macabre stuck in my head all day. I blame elementary school music classes.

On Saturday we hit the first two of our All Hallows Eve parties, after watching Shaun of the Dead to set the mood. Husband to Be ordered a pretty spiffy BSG uniform online and I served as his accessory by going as Boomer. My Korean-ness seems to have made that inevitable. What can I say, we are the King and Queen of the Geeks.

Other notable costumes included Maude and the Dude and a hilarious rendition of Kim Jong Il. Fun parties. Thanks to Miss A's potent White Russians, HTB and I both got housed. I have a disturbing number of pix of him in snuggly and/or compromising positions with other guys at the party!

Actually, now I have La Isla Bonita stuck in my head. Office mate Miss A mentioned her husband M and that's his favorite Madonna song (yes, apparently straight men can have favorite Madonna songs, or so they tell me. HTB's is Into the Groove.) How's that for random neural network firing?

And I leave you with an appropriate geeky cartoon.

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