the water got high and she never got dry

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

and I am a material girl

Not dead yet. Been busy with school. Enjoying the gorgeous, crisp fall weather, took a fun day trip on Sunday with Husband to Be, M, and Miss A, pix to follow.

I can't wait until wedding planning is over. My brain is consumed by school and wedding and I'd really like to re-claim some of that cerebral real estate. I've realized that part of the problem is decision fatigue. As I've mentioned before, sometimes shopping decisions take me forever and wedding planning is nothing if not making one shopping decision after another.

It's really hard for me to turn off the voice in my head with its "Maybe we should have gone with the other envelopes?" and "What font should we use for our monogram?" and "What if I find a dress I like better?"

And the fact that this is all such superficial shit is what really drives me bonkers. I shouldn't care so much about this crap. Marrying my best friend and favorite person in the whole world? Important. The details? Not important. And yet I get sucked into the vortex of materialism and social comparison (Ooh, she used an embosser on her envelopes. Maybe I should get an embosser...) and ensuing dissatisfaction. It's retarded.

More later.

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