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Friday, August 18, 2006

we have liftoff!

Well, okay, now it's exactly 10 months until the wedding. We finally found a venue for the reception that looked really good but they were booked for June 16. Cue bridal meltdown. Finally occurred to us to try and change our date. After a lot of debating which direction to move it in and second guessing (we liked the idea of the 14th, because we met on a 14th, but there was a strong chance that his aunt and uncle wouldn't be able to make it then. Then we debated the merits of a Friday vs. Sunday and finally ended up on a Monday.) and checking in with our photographer friend, who was flexible, bless his soul, we changed the date and are penciled in to have our reception here. It looks gorgeous, with over 5 acres of gardens, and lots of patios and outdoor space.

This is their new pavilion that might well be the spot. I'm hoping that the rafters offer lots of decorative possibilities like paper lanterns and draping some fabric to make it tent-like.

We have a reception venue! Keeping our fingers crossed that the wedding planner we've been talking to is available so we can officially hire her. And then we start writing really big checks...

After months of being closed for reconstruction, our favorite bar is opening back up! Yay! Girls' Night Out tomorrow! Yay! It's been a stressful and literally headache-y week, but things are definitely looking up.

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