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Monday, August 07, 2006

seoul searching

A while back HTB asked me what I thought of the idea of moving to Korea for a year after I'm done with school. He knew someone who really enjoyed his stint in Japan teaching English and made pretty good money. Being HTB, he knew I'd rather do something like that in Korea. I have to say the idea intrigues me, but I’m torn. It would be a great adventure and what better way to get in touch with my roots than to be immersed in Korean culture for a year? I think it'd be a fun, challenging, and incredibly interesting year.

HTB knows that it's really important to me that when we have kids that we nurture their biracial identity, which means at the very least I need to learn how to speak Korean fluently and how to cook Korean food. Plus, taking off for a year is also the kind of adventure I feel is most possible pre-kids.

On the flip side, the thing I most look forward to doing after school is putting down roots. I want a house and a yard and a dog and a job and a great city to call home. Putting that off for another year wouldn't be impossible, just hard.

We talked about it for a while yesterday and then when HTB was looking around online for possible things to do when we're in Chicago this weekend, he found that there'll be a Korean festival going on. Coincidence?

Whatever we end up doing, the fact that HTB can suggest such an adventure is one of the many reasons why I know he is so perfectly suited to me.

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