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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

food for thought

I always have to force myself to wait until noon to eat lunch, but I always start getting hungry before then. I'm craving pesto, so I'm gonna go get a bowl of bow tie pasta with a cream and pesto sauce. Yum! I just have to eat up some time by writing about food. I have to break my addiction to the Knot boards somehow.

I was a picky eater as a child, with most veggies on my do-not-touch list. In recent years my tastebuds have become a lot more open-minded, whether because I'm more mature or more likely, because my body is so in need of veggies that it's forcing me to change my tastes. Since coming to grad school, I've developed lots of new food loves.

I am now a huge fan of hummus. I only had it once in college, a bite from a boyfriend's sandwich. It was meh. Clearly I had never had the good stuff and now I crave it periodically. The store bought stuff is okay, but the best is at my favorite Middle Eastern joint, followed closely by the awesome batch HTB's Lebanese friend brought to our engagement party, the recipe for which HTB finagled in time to give me on my birthday.

I am always the slightly annoying customer who asks for extra rice, no refried beans with her chimichanga or enchiladas. But lately I've been sneaking bites off of HTB's plates and am less stridently anti-bean. Plus, when Miss A makes her divine chili, the beans just melt in my mouth.

I am sad to report that I had never eaten a Reuben until the past year. The mere idea of sauerkraut on a sandwich turned me off. But then I started being tempted, because if so many people love them, how bad could it be? I had a bite of one of HTB's (Boys are so useful for expanding culinary horizons!) and I can't believe what I've been missing out on.

Snowpeas? I don't know why I always picked those out from stir-frys. I was crazy.

I will always be a Dr. Pepper girl at heart, blame Texas for that, but I started drinking Cherry Coke here and love it no end.

I went through a Pop Tart and Sunny D for breakfast phase a few years back and a short lived nostalgia Capri Sun fix. But now I look for healthy cereals because I know I can't eat Corn Pops forever. Stupid health food. This week's Kashi offering is made more acceptable with the addition of blueberries, which turns out, I'm not all that crazy about by themselves. Good on cereal, love 'em in muffins, and they were great in the blueberry pancakes we made on Sunday.

Trying to eat more healthfully is a battle. I'm still feeling the effects of the foot long hot dog and Cracker Jacks from a baseball game last week. But it's a baseball game, what else can you do? At least my footlong didn't have chili and cheese and onions and peppers on it, like HTB's. Guilty pleasures inevitably result in remorse, so I felt a helluva lot better sitting down to a meal of pasta salad, pita and hummus, and some awesome fresh sweet corn from HTB's folks. Light, healthy, and delicious! I think if only I shopped at the whole foods store more often, I'd eat a lot better. Right now it's just easier and cheaper to go to the mega-marts instead of carefully
selecting organic produce. Someday, though.

I try to watch what I eat and I think it's worth the effort. But honestly, I'm just going to have always make exercise a priority because I love food way too much to deny myself.

Ok, who's hungry? Time to eat.

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