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Thursday, June 22, 2006

aruba, jamaica, ooh i wanna take ya

It's been a rough day. I sit in my air conditioned office poring over the Knot destination wedding board and Fodor's boards and look at hotel websites and then break up the monotony by walking downtown and shopping and collecting cash I've made from a consignment boutique and then picking up an iced raspberry mocha and brownie from the bakery across the street. Being lazy is good.

The prof I TA'ed for this past semester cracked me up by showing me some evals he got of the other TA, who is quite a good looking guy. "B is a dreamboat!" "I feel in love with B." Lol. I didn't know young people today still used the word "dreamboat".

I might have spoken too soon about Puerto Rico. We met with another travel agent yesterday and she's strongly voting for the Virgin Islands - St. Thomas for the wedding and St. John for the honeymoon. We had thought about getting married in San Juan and then going elsewhere to honeymoon, maybe Grenada, perhaps including a stop in Vieques first because I really wanted to experience the biobay because how effin' cool would that be?

But the TA pointed out that island to island flights would be super expensive. She also said San Juan is the Las Vegas of the Caribbean and maybe not what we're looking for. Originally HTB and I thought we wanted someplace adventurous, with lots of local color and culture and things to do. We didn't want to spend all our time holed up in a resort. But on second thought, we think someplace beautiful and mellow with nice accommodations is more important than someplace adventurous. St. John isn't going to be as suffused with West Indies/stereotypical Caribbean culture, but it is supposed to be quiet and gorgeous.

We do want two different locations for wedding and honeymoon because we want a tourist friendly location to suit our guests (easy to get to, lots of places to stay, lots of amenities and activities) but want to get away from the tourist hordes afterwards.

It's a little frustrating to think that our options are now wide open again, because we could consider any island if we don't do PR and let me tell you, I am so tired of reading about all the different islands. There are gorgeous pictures of every location and every tropical paradise is starting to look the same.

I know, I know, cry me a river as I ponder this gazebo

versus this gazebo.
But I just want to know where we're getting married!

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