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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

no dum dum dee dum for me

Had to put music on to get "We Used to Be Friends" out of my head, where it was still stuck from last night's watching of Veronica Mars. Happens every time.

Current song: "I wanna know girls" by Portastatic.

Got the hell outta Dodge with Husband to Be this past weekend, driving to his hometown to go to a wedding. Always enjoy spending time with HTB's parents. Time with them and time spent looking through HTB's childhood things and high school yearbooks help me to understand him even better.

The wedding was nice, in a very traditional sort of way. I had bet HTB beforehand that the bride would wear a strapless ballgown. Not that she didn't look lovely, she did, but seriously, why does almost every single bride in America wear the same thing?

My eyes may have gotten a leetle wet during the ceremony. HTB held my hand and smiled at me and we both thought about when it would be us up there.

We had to wait an hour and a half for the happy couple to make their grand entrance into the reception. That's too long, people. Standard wedding food. As HTB pointed out, the lunch his parents made us (grilled chipotle and peach glazed chicken, roasted sweet potatoes and onions) was much tastier. Granted, there were around 150 guests and it's going to be far easier to have yummy food for a much smaller group. Standard playlist, with a scarcity of slow dance songs, dammit. HTB and I are gonna do things differently.

After the reception we drove up to a quiet spot and watched the sunset spilling down over a field of horses, with fireflies glowing like mad among the grass. It was lovely. Ended the evening comfortably ensconced on the couch watching TV on his parents' ginormous flat screen. I want one.

Every wedding I go to just confirms that traditional weddings are not the way we want to go. Current destination - Puerto Rico, baby! Whee!

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