the water got high and she never got dry

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

the days are just packed

Contentment and business are a blogger's worst enemies. I've been too busy to make blogging a priority, plus I think I’m just in a phase where I don’t need it as much. Between teaching and getting settled into the new place, most of my time is accounted for. Had some time on my hands Friday but I wasn’t in the mood to write. The officemates and I bitched about grad school over lunch and I got into one of those periodic “What the hell am I doing here” funks. My advisor has been AWOL for the past month, she finally resurfaced but I’m still frustrated with her. A research application of mine has been sitting somewhere at the review board office for the past month as well. Assclowns.

I know I’m getting old and domesticated when I enjoy spending time looking at plants and furniture with Husband to Be and how excited I was about buying our first plant (some rosemary, with more herbs to follow). Being domesticated doesn't bother me, though. Home is such a nice and cosy place to be that I really love to stay in. I love puttering around the house together, vegging on the couch and watching TV (a glut of Food Network to make up for the time I was without). Love continues to glorify the mundane and starting and ending every day with HTB is just as satisfying as I knew it would be.

Watched a LOT of Wedding Weekend on Food Network. Even HTB watched some with me, saint that he is. I want to win a Food Network catered wedding in Hawaii, dammit. Also finally got started watching Season 1 of Veronica Mars. Enjoyable.

Spent all of yesterday planting wetland plants at the new convention center in town. Backbreaking work and I’ve got blisters, bug bites, and scorched skin to show for it, but the weather was beautiful and it was nice to get my hands in the earth and feel useful. Getting paid $15 an hour certainly didn’t hurt.

As I was writing this, HTB called me out to the deck because the sunset was getting good again, and I really need to work on a lesson plan, so there goes my time. I’ll carve out more time to write again, but right now I’d rather be doing things than writing about them.

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