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Sunday, July 09, 2006

chantilly lace

Today was delightful, the perfect day before my birthday. Had a big yummy breakfast with HTB and then headed off with J and Miss A for my first ever Wedding Dress Extravaganza. We went to a little local boutique and then David's Bridal, and oh what a day. It was like being enveloped in a cloud of satin and lace and tulle and seed pearls and bugle beads.

Although there were meringue nightmares and poufy monstrosities galore, I am no longer allowed to look down my nose at all things strapless because I tried on several and some of them were quite lovely. When I tried on this one (Click on Collection and search for "Celeste"), I finally understood the appeal. It was all wrong for the kind of wedding we're going to have, but it did make me feel like a princess. Some of those suckers are heavy, though. I didn't think I'd want a train, but I saw some truly gorgeous ones, including one that made me feel like a screen siren. There needs to be more glamour in my everyday life. Who says trains and opera length gloves should only be worn at costume parties?

I didn't think there was a chance I'd find anything I 'd like at DB, because so many of their dresses are of the strapless persuasion, but they had some nice things. The strongest contender was the very first dress I tried on there. HTB, you are expressly forbidden from looking at it, in case I buy it. I had printed out a picture of it when browsing online, because it was the only thing they had that was even remotely close to what I had been picturing, things like this (Carmen) and this (go to "Collection", it's the last dress on the first page). And it just looked amazing, the picture online doesn't do it justice. J and Miss A are big fans.

Trying on dresses for the first time was a little surreal. It is indeed the ultimate game of dress-up. As I was pulling on the first dress, it really hit me that I'm getting married. That realization is almost more tangible in that moment than any other previous moment, as odd as that seems. Sure we've been looking at wedding and travel stuff online, but I'd browsed the Knot before we were engaged. My ring is still at the jeweler's, so the dresses were the only material reminders of what's happening.

And even then, I still didn't feel completely bride-like until Miss A plopped a veil on my head. That pushed me over the edge. I had assumed I wouldn't wear a veil, just a flower in my hair. But as the girls reminded me, this is my one and only chance to wear one. Funny how important that simple, overpriced piece of tulle is to feeling like a bride.

It was good clean girly fun. J and Miss A were the perfect companions for the expedition. They were like a well-oiled machine, with one of them fluffing my train while the other took pictures and notes and both remembering which ones I'd tried on, offering advice and opinions and sharing in my excitement. They are the creme de la creme of girlfriends.

Took a jaunt to Bed Bath and Beyond and then we all got celebratory margaritas with HTB. When we got home, I got to go on a scavenger hunt for the birthday loot that HTB is letting me open today since tomorrow night we'll be busy with festivities. We're having lunch with his parents and then dinner and drinks with friends.

If I were any happier, I'd burst.

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