the water got high and she never got dry

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

hot town, summer in the city

It's been beastly hot, forcing us to find new ways of keeping cool. On Saturday we took refuge at the lake, renting a boat and partying the afternoon away and then had a fun dinner at a little down home eatery boasting the biggest and best pork tenderloin in the state. I don't know about best, but those suckers were huge. And on Sunday we joined the crowds at the blissfully cool mall and saw Pirates.

Yesterday was the hottest day we've seen here in a long time. I was sweaty and disgruntled when I got home and wanted nothing more than to camp out on the couch with the shades drawn and fan on and drink ice tea and be able to read my long-awaited first issue of Modern Bride, courtesy of a gift subscription from J. And it was there in the mailbox, when I needed it most! Yay to pages and pages of girl porn and some of the ugliest dresses ever!

After almost two months of waiting, we got the e-ring back from the jeweler's. Yay! I love it and I love having all the diamonds from Husband to Be's grandmother's ring in it. I hope that someday we'll have a grandson or great-grandson who proposes to someone with it and be able to tell her about its family history and that it will continue to get passed down generation after generation. And I love that we were both involved in the design process and that it wasn't just picked out of a case by just him or just me. In the first iteration of the ring mold, the stones the jeweler had picked out for the the band just seemed huge on my hand, leading me to wonder if I'm the first woman to ever utter the words "Could I have smaller diamonds?"

More later.

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