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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

time to get going, what lies ahead i have no way of knowing

Shortly after my last post, Miss A called to congratulate me on not being unemployed. I'll be teaching the same class I have been for the past 3 years, and I am just fine with that!

Went to Chicago for a wedding, which was very nice, snarky comments about the universality of strapless ballgowns and reading from Corinthians aside. Being creatures of habit, HTB and I hit the Loop for shopping and had lunch at FoodLife. I was amazed at the sheer volume of ugly clothes at H&M and ogled huge diamonds at Tiffany's. Went to the Korean festival, there wasn't
much there but we got some tasty kalbi. Got some yummy pizza at Gino's.

Tried on a couple of dresses at Saeyoung Vu and was sorely disappointed. Up close the dresses did not impress.

As always, our friends S and L were fabulous hosts and talented photographer S took our engagement pix, which turned out wonderfully. And we have booked S for our wedding and set the date! Huzzah!

In 10 months and one day, we're getting married. Let the freaking out commence.

Not freaking out about getting married or married life, never that. I am however freaking out about having a countdown and getting everything done in 10 months. We still don’t have a venue booked. There are superficial things, like getting in shape and growing out my hair. But above all else, I'm wiggin' out about having less than 10 months to oh, get my Ph.D, find a job, and enter the real world. Those little things.

Must breathe.

Summer's just about over and my 6th, and knock on wood, final, year of school is starting. As much as I am ready to cast off the burden of school, the unknowns of the future are a little nerve-wracking. Sure I long for a job and house and new city, but wanting to leave the nest and actually doing it are entirely different things. Something about the devil you know…

I'm just going to have turn this panic into fuel for fire and get my ass in gear. Because the clock is really ticking now.

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