the water got high and she never got dry

Monday, September 11, 2006

to hold onto these moments as they pass

It was a good weekend. Made sushi in honor of J's birthday on Friday and on Saturday I had 8 lovely ladies over to my place for a night of fantastic food and drinks and painting each other's nails while the menfolk watched football down the street. Miss A made a killer basteeya and my mojitos were a big hit.

After a lot of cursing and frustration, Husband to Be and I finished designing and ordering our save-the-date magnets and customized St. Thomas postcards. Yay, progress!

And oh yea, yesterday, I bought the Dress, (if HTB values his life, he will not click on that link nor open the garment bag in the closet), aka the most expensive piece of clothing I will ever buy.

The girls and I first hit this boutique out in the middle of nowhere that was housed in a big pink barn. Very cute and quintessentially Midwestern. Tried on several nice dresses, including this one (Bottom row, 2nd from the left), and then let the girls persuade me to swing by DB and try on the dress I'd liked the first time out. It was on sale for even more off than the last time and I loved it even more, so I handed over my credit card and took that baby home.

After enduring no small amount of frustration over the past several months, I seem to have my advisor's attention, which means I really need to put my nose to the grindstone and finish prospectus revisions, so posting may remain sporadic. But I realized that no matter how trivial or inane the details may sometimes be, I want to document all the little ups and downs of my last year of school and of Wedding Planning 2007.

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