the water got high and she never got dry

Monday, August 28, 2006

the drinky drinky motion

Hugs from HTB and a chocolate malt helped to de-mope me a bit and a weekend of cuttin' loose and kickin' back carried me the rest of the way. Last week's Girl Night was a resounding success, with a heap of tasty food and drink - bellinis, mojitos (try topping them off with Mt. Dew, yum!), tiramisu, hazelnut gelato, Nutella cake, yum! The guys got together and had beer and pizza. It pays to be a girl. I'm looking forward to hosting the next Girl Night while the menfolk do their red-blooded American male thing down the street, watching football and drinking beer, boy howdy.

We had our first happy hour back at our favorite bar and it was good! With new furniture on the patio, martinis on special and a balmy evening breeze blowing, it was damn good to be back. Afterwards HTB and I got cart food and listened to a salsa band and watched people dancing in the square. It's usually only the eccentrics and the kids dancing at these shows, but that night everyone was getting groovy. A perfect summer evening.

Saturday there was an all day and night blowout party with what seemed like every student in the department in attendance. Good times. HTB missed out on the chance to pick up a couple of young clinical chicks who struck up a conversation with him and asked him who he was. After he pointed me out to them, they suddenly lost interest and walked away. Lol.

Drunk grad students are so much fun to watch. Friend E professed her love for everyone there and was all "You guys are such a great couple" and "HTB, you are a lucky man. She is such a catch. You are living the American dream!"

A while back a woman who was sitting behind us at one of those Friday night concerts came up to us at the end of the night and asked us if we were married and said we seemed like such a happy couple and having such a good time with each other. If strangers and drunk friends think we're a great couple, it must be true!

Truly, without healthy doses of liquor in good company, there's no way we could have all managed to survive school this long.

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