the water got high and she never got dry

Monday, October 16, 2006

let's call the whole thing off

I would like to think that almost every single bride has a moment where she is really, really tempted to just elope. I wouldn't wish wedding planning stress on my worst enemy.

My advisor has chosen this crucial time to disappear for a week. Between having a baby and then having her computer die, the wedding coordinator has understandably but frustratingly been in only sporadic contact. And not as helpful as she used to be. And in some random searching online I found some venues of the type I really wanted and that she completely failed to mention.

I just had someone email me who's also using the same WC, expressing her concerns and asking me about my experiences with her. Guess I'm not the only one having second thoughts.

We're taking my e-ring back for a re-design, after finally admitting that what we wanted got lost in translation and that our jeweler tended to forget or ignore what we asked for.

I hate the feeling of getting yanked around by these various folks who alternately disappoint me, make me wait forever, or flake out on me.

Who needs a drink?

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