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Friday, October 20, 2006

if i found my way to minnesoter...again

Nobody ever really tells you that when the ring gets put on your finger, you have, in essence, signed over rights to your brain for the foreseeable future. Maybe when the 2nd ring gets put on my finger, everything will be put back to rights again.

As you may know, I have bought the Dress. It's a very nice dress. But I think Husband to Be and I are driving five hours to Minneapolis tomorrow because there's a huge sample sale at the convention center, with the promise of hundreds of designer gowns all on sale for $249.

Have I mentioned that I already have a dress? Yes, quite. But being in a small city, I never got to try on the fancy schmancy, expensive ass dresses that I loved the look of. Would I have bought one? Of course not. But the possibility of getting a dress made with real lace and silk for $249 is terribly tempting. That's a lot less than I paid for rayon related fabrics at David's.

Either I find a dream dress at a rock bottom price and then have to worry about selling the 1st dress or I find nothing and can rest easy knowing my dress is It. Not a life or death scenario.

I love Husband to Be for so many reasons, not the least of which is that he totally caters to my lunacy and never makes me feel crazy while he's doing it. After finding out about the sale, I was just griping about living in Small Town USA and he uttered the fatal words "Do you want to go?"

Our friends who live in Minneapolis are out of town this weekend. I don't know if I should take this as a sign. But all the lovely ladies on my wedding board think I should go! Have I become unhinged? Quite possibly.

Weddings make you do the wacky.

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