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Thursday, October 26, 2006

no more dress shenanigans

Is what I've promised Husband to Be. Well, let's hope that got the crazies out of my system. Although, really, if driving to Minneapolis on a whim is the craziest thing I do before the wedding, that's not so bad. HTB's craziest thing may very well be jumping out of a plane with groomsman and ne'er do well friend M. (I blame you for this, M) And if HTB decides that that will be his engagement gift, I'll be paying for him to risk life and limb. Great.

The weather forecast for the drive on Saturday was grim so we almost didn't go but luckily the weather report was wrong as usual. After about half an hour at the sample sale, I knew I wasn't going to find anything. But I stuck around for another 15 minutes, because dammit, we'd come a long way, and maybe one of the women randomly undressing by the windows was trying on my dress. Nope.

Lots of the usual - strapless and poofy. I walked by a woman trying on a strapless number that was body-hugging to about halfway down her legs and then exploded in a burst of tulle. The friend who was with her was all "That is SO you!" and I bit my cheek to not burst out laughing.

I know I've made this rant before, and I confessed to trying on some big strapless ballgowns and admitting they were pretty. And I really do understand that for many women, the Cinderella fantasies of our childhoods stick with us and these days, chances to go to costume balls are pretty few and far between. But at the end of the day, I don't want to look like a pretty pretty princess and I don't want my wedding day to be the greatest game of dress-up ever. I want to look like a great version of myself and be able to move and dance.

So like a lover who's strayed and regrets it, I have renewed appreciation for my dress. It doesn't look like every other dress out there, and more importantly, it suits me.

Wespent the rest of the day exploring downtown Minneapolis. The network of skyways is very convenient for chilly days, but I would actually rather walk around outside, because eventually it starts to feel like being in a mall that NEVER dies or ends. We hit "Eat Street" for dinner and that was a complete disappointment. 17 blocks of culinary options, my ass.

Speaking of playing dress-up, although I tease HTB for asking me in July "What are we doing for Halloween?", I've now ended up trying to put together a costume at the very last minute, with four possible parties looming in the very near future.

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