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Thursday, November 16, 2006

the one with all the thanksgivings

On Sunday Husband to Be and I are having some of our favorite people over for an early Thanksgiving dinner. I compared it to that classic sitcom scenario where all the main characters can’t quite make it out of town to join their families so they all have a humorous and heartwarming dinner together (see Felicity, Friends, etc.)

Only this is deliberate, no deus ex machina involved. It’ll be four friends who all came into school the same year with me and their respective significant others. It’s half of our entering class, with two friends who couldn’t make it and two folks we’re not really friends with, including HTB’s high school girlfriend. (Discovering this was truly odd. Small-ass world. Also, small state.)

It’s our last year together and sentimental fool I am, I'm really looking forward to sharing this holiday with everyone who's been in the trenches together. But now I’m nervous. We have to clean like crazy. We don’t have a dining room table, although that’s true of most of our gang. More embarrassingly, we don’t have martini or wine glasses. Clearly, we are not serious enough boozehounds. But gosh darn it, over Thanksgiving break, we’re registering! Loot!

HTB and I are in charge of the turkey (and cranberry martinis, yum!) and that is quite the responsibility. I don’t want ruin Thanksgiving with a subpar turkey.

I trust Alton completely so I could go the brine route, which Miss A has done in past years with great success. She makes a damn fine turkey. But we are not as skilled as Miss A and also, the brine recipe is a lot of work. So we’ll do something simpler.

And then on turkey day itself, we'll have dinner with HTB's family. What’s not to love about getting to do Thanksgiving dinner twice?

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