the water got high and she never got dry

Monday, December 18, 2006

hearth and home

My body is definitely giving me a talking-to about working full steam. I’m feeling seriously run down and coming down with a cold and there are still a million things that need to be done for school and for the holidays. Husband to Be’s stocking stuffers aren’t going to buy and wrap themselves, nor is the prospectus going to revise itself. And I had this wacky idea that I’ll have time to make cookies and/or peanut brittle before we leave town. This will only happen if I can be well enough to do more than sit on the couch, watch bad TV, and snack a lot.

Today’s T-minus six months to the wedding, which is a magically stressful number for me. I feel like as soon as we’re through the holidays, we really gotta get crackin’ on all things wedding related. Six months, people!

I’ve discovered that nothing is better on a sore throat than a chocolate milkshake from Steak N’ Shake. I’ve started drinking more hot tea. And I’m going to take up knitting over Christmas. Clearly, I’m getting old.

We took a day trip to the German colonies nearby and acquired lots of good things, like cute ornaments, dessert wines to drink and gift, homemade fudge, and the best gingerbread men I’ve ever had.

I am too sickly to be scintillating so it’s time to watch either Good Eats or pop in Love Actually and wrap presents and later curl up with some cocoa and gingerbread.

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