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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

christmas giving

Just a quickie, wanted to plug a charity I just heard about from Alton the other day, Heifer International. No, he didn't tell me personally, he was on TV, and yes, I'd do just about anything Alton suggested (latest lessons - plastic cookie cutters are better than metal. Lift the cookie dough still with cutter attached onto cookie sheet before removing cutter.) I really like that you get to buy something specific with your donation, like sheep or bunnies or trees, rather than not knowing where your money goes. And that the point is you're helping people to help themselves. Besides, how often do you get to tell people you gave someone a llama for Christmas?

Also, via Kimchi Mamas, whenever you search for anything red on, they donate a buck to Doctors without Borders. At Kimchi Mamas there's also a donation opportunity for the Asian Pacific Women's Center, a shelter for Asian women and children. You could say that hits a little close to home for me.

And finally, my daily favorites (they're free!) are the Hunger Site and the related literacy, animal shelter, breast cancer, and rainforest sites. One click a day and the ad sponsors donate money.

Ok, back to nursing my cold.

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