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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

my better self

I don’t really make resolutions, but if I were to make some I’d want to:

Take more pictures. And find the time to organize them and upload them to my completely neglected Flickr account.

Improve my cooking skills. Husband to Be and I are pretty good about trying lots of new recipes, but I’d like to be even more adventurous still. Would you believe that the other day was the first time I’d made bulgogi? What kind of Korean am I? We also made some bean sprouts to go with and it just wasn’t quite right, I guess we need practice. My mom always said I should pay more attention in the kitchen, which I always blew off, and of course she was right. Moms are annoying that way. I want to be able to make Korean food with HTB and with future kids and sometimes I just crave it. It’s the taste of home.

Get into the best shape I’ve ever been in. HTB and I had been working out at a university gym because it’s dirt cheap, but always crowded with undergrads. We finally, happily upgraded to a Gold’s Gym, thanks to HTB’s awesome parents buying us memberships. So much more room, less intrusive music, and a women’s room which is often empty or near empty so it’s like having my own personal workout room. We’ve been going three times a week, which is great, but we’ve definitely been in a rut and needed to kick things up a notch. So yesterday we signed up for personal training! *Cue Rocky music*

Even beyond the goal of looking great at the wedding and wanting to wear a bikini for the first time in a decade, I really do want to feel fit and strong and healthy for the long term. But I also want to finally feel really great about my body, instead of just being okay with it. I really admire and envy women, who regardless of weight or shape, really strut their stuff because they feel good about themselves. I am not a strutter.

HTB and I have been joking about how he should bring our trainer a picture of Jamie Bamber and tell him he wants Bamceps. (Props to fangirl Miss A for introducing this term into our vocabulary.)

My first session is on Saturday and I’m nervous, I think it promises to kick my ass.

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