the water got high and she never got dry

Monday, January 15, 2007

nothing in my head but cats and rocking chairs

My first session with our personal trainer did indeed kick my ass, but in a really satisfying way. I worked some muscles I didn’t even know I had.

We were planning on getting the hell outta town for a daytrip this weekend but snow put the kibosh on that. We holed up at home, made a big yummy pot of chili, and managed to watch all eleven episodes of Heroes. We’re totally hooked.

Not a big fan of winter. Before the snow hit, it was just day after day of grey and cold, which brings me down like hearing the same damn minor chord over and over again.

Between school and wedding and the uncertainty of the future and people disappointing me, I feel stretched too tight and spread too thin. I stayed home all day and watched the snow fall and listened to a lot of Aimee Mann. (If you haven’t listened to The Forgotten Arm, I highly recommend it. It’s solidly good from start to finish.)

I’m now seriously considering finally buying a guitar. It’s been one of a million things on my list to do “in the future” and “when I have time” and “when school’s over”, along with learning to play the drums and taking back up the piano and buying a really good camera. I played piano for twelve years and violin for seven and then stopped and I really miss having music in my life. I think about how much listening to music heals me and how much more so making music did and out of drums, piano, and guitar, the guitar is the best choice for these Few Remaining Months of Doom.

anyone can learn to play guitar
and they won’t be a nothing anymore

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