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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

dancin' shoes

And we have a contender! I don't care if it makes me a walking stereotype, I am ridiculously excited about finding these shoes on Zappo's. After months of scouring all the shoe sites and ordering and returning things, I'd just about given up hope on finding cute green sandals for the wedding. I bought some cute, dyeable flip flops and was sort of resigned to wearing them, but in a stroke of luck, after reading a post on Weddingbee about shoes, I did the umpteenth search on Zappo's and these were the first pair to pop up. I know I should contain my enthusiasm until I get them and try them on, but they're so me! And so green!

I've been feeling so down, so I will take happiness in whatever shape and size it comes, including a cute pair of shoes!

Update: I frackin' love Zappo's. It took me five seconds to find the shoes and two seconds to order them last night, and they're already here. And I love them! They're cute and sassy and vintage looking and ridiculously, gloriously Technicolor green and cause "Dancin' Queen" to get stuck in my head. Huzzah!


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