the water got high and she never got dry

Thursday, February 01, 2007

top douche is more like it

After my last post, I felt behooved to stop bitching about life for a while, hence the silence. I still believe that wedding stuff will all work itself out and that even if I don't finish getting the Ph.D, life will go on and I'll be fine, but I've still been strung out with stress. I'm just at a very sharp point in my life and Husband to Be and I are both feeling the strain of being so busy and having so much converging in our lives in a short period of time.

More later, but man, I can't believe that Ilan is Top Chef. He's such an asshat (My favorite snippet ever from Urban Dictionary is "An assclown may wear an asshat". Genius.) And I totally want to go back to Hawaii. Maui was amazing and I'd love to explore the other islands. I need a vacation in the worst way.

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