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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

fuck it, fight it, it's all the same

As a psychology nerd, one of my favorite concepts is regression to the mean, used when talking about statistics and also used to describe sports slumps. If you apply it to life, it just reiterates the idea that nothing stays very good or very bad for long. Everything eventually returns to baseline. That’s a no-brainer but I find it immensely comforting that this is a quantitative phenomenon. It’s science. (Uttered in my best Will Ferrell voice. Which is terrible.)

Lately, with the exception of Husband to Be, nearly every area of my life has sucked and nearly every important person in my life has been letting me down. It’s been craptastic.

I’ve been down too far to care for too long and even though a lot of the things that have been bringing me down haven’t changed, at least I’m less mopey about them.

Sadly enough, an upswing in the temperature has a lot to do with that. It’s been a brutally cold February, with below zero temps for days at a time so when it hits the 40s and 50s, it’s reason to celebrate. The White Witch’s power is waning and everything is melting.

I hate the heaviness of winter – eating heavier foods, the weight of being covered from head to toe for almost every minute of the day, sleeping under several layers of blankets, the grey and the dark all drag me down.

It’s really warped that a 40 degree day back home in Texas would feel painfully cold but here it feels like 60 and as the temp approaches 50, I drive with my window down and seriously contemplate busting out the flip flops. A little sunshine on my face, actually breathing in fresh air and not having to run from car to building for fear of frostbite and other painful things, these little things make me feel more like me and less like a zombie.

Other good things:

Really excellent tacos at a bodega downtown. Good Mexican food is a very rare commodity in these parts, so that’s a happy. After dinner I had to restrain myself from buying a piñata and contented myself with some 89 cent chocolate wafer cookies and a bottle of Mexicoke. Yum.

Another drunken, fun filled mass screening of the Big Lebowski, complete with White Russians and the most amazing flourless chocolate cake. Drool.

Sonic and skeeball. ‘Nuff said.

Splurging on a facial. When I was sitting in the spa waiting room, painted in soothing colors and with tinkly Zen state inducing music playing, I had to laugh when I noticed the view through the window - the psych building, my primary source of stress.

Despite my fear of baking and a failed first attempt where my meringue wouldn’t meringue, I successfully made these yummy meringue chocolate chip cookies, recipe courtesy of my fave food blog.

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