the water got high and she never got dry

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

on a golden sea, you don't need no memory

(Hip, hip). And we're back. We were only gone for a few blissful, relaxing days and as soon as we got back, life resumed its hectic pace. But the vacation was worth every penny. We got into Nassau late and our hotel was full so we got upgraded to an oceanview room at the Wyndham instead. Awesome. Ocean and palm trees in full sight first thing in the morning and falling asleep to the sound of the surf at night - nothing beats that.

The weather was perfect – warm but not hot. The water was a little chilly so we mostly admired the unbelievable turquoise of it from the beach. We went on a half day sail and snorkel and although I didn’t do much snorkeling, because of the huge waves, I enjoyed every minute of being on the catamaran.

We split our beach time between Cable Beach, where the hotel was, and Cabbage Beach on Paradise Island. We explored downtown Nassua with its pink buildings and went shopping at the Straw Market, where I got a hat. We experienced some local color on the jitney buses, as well as a singing Scotsman on the ferry. It was perfect.

The trip was our anniversary gift to ourselves. March 14 marked two years since we met. (It’s also Pi Day of course, and the randomly chosen day when our married friends J and M celebrate their relationship, and according to our Polish Friend, there’s a movement to make it “Steak and BJ Day”, a Valentine’s Day of sorts, only for guys. We’ll see if that takes off.)

To say that on that night, when I walked into a coffee shop to meet the guy I’d been emailing, I had no idea that two years from that time I’d be in the Bahamas with that very same guy and only a few months out from marrying him, is the understatement of the century. (Yes, that’s a terribly constructed sentence, but what can you do?)

We celebrated St. Pat's the way it should be celebrated, with friends and corned beef and cabbage and green drinks. We also spent some time with family friends at a birthday party run amok with cute children. Husband to Be' s parents loaded us up with pretty much enough food for the week, because they're awesome that way. Much love, so I feel bad taking issue with what is either peculiar to the Midwest or peculiar to HtB's hometown, namely the practice of putting peas and potatoes in enchiladas. What's a Texan to do?

Less than 3 months until the wedding, folks. Yikes. On Sunday HtB and I spent time researching different places to move to. Talk about information overload. Where would we go if money were no object? California. I need sunshine and warmth and the ocean. But affordability is a very real issue, so we’re also looking around at Oregon and Washington and the Carolinas (although I’ve been advised away from South Carolina).

Weather and a good arts scene are very high on our list but so is ethnic diversity. It’s really important to me to not have kids in a city that’s overwhelmingly white. That was part of the reason a friend suggested I not consider SC, as it might not be easy being an interracial couple in the deep South.

Where will life take us? The suspense is killing me.

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